A Full Cup by star sign

A Full Cup by star sign

Our Resident Astrologer Alex Saba from Lusid Astrologer delves into what fills our cup by star sign. Does this resonate with you?

A solo adventure - so I don’t have to wait for anyone

A weekend away in nature with my best friend, with a boujee dinner and an afternoon in the sun reading a book

A 5-hour conversation with my best friend covering every topic between work gossip, TV show debriefs and creative ideas

Staying in on a weekend with my own company, cooking myself my favourite meal and binge-watching chick flicks for a good cry

Everyone celebrating me at my birthday party, every weekend

A quiet weekend clearing and organising my house from top to bottom and finishing my to-do list, so I can create a new one

A weekend full of dressing up for social engagements

A long dinner with a friend who needs to dish out all their problems for someone to help them decide their fate

Being on holiday, forever

Rewarding myself with a special item I’ve been dreaming about as congratulations to myself for my latest success

Time spent with my close group of friends

On a long romantic date with the love of my life


Words by Alex Saba, Lusid Astrology
Photography by: Ksenia Chernaya and Cottonbro Studio. 

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