Communication Style by Mercury Sign

Communication Style by Mercury Sign

Mercury through the signs

Written by Alex Saba, Lusid Astrology. 

Mercury is our centre for communication and intellect. Your Mercury sign is the brains behind the operation, helping your Sun pick up information and communicate his needs on his journey. When Mercury has his needs met, this can look like deep connection, mental clarity and honest communication that make you feel seen, heard and understood.

When you are in alignment with your Mercury sign’s needs, there is likely to be a burst of inspiration and focus which can support your Sun’s focus indirectly or directly.

As the mentalist in Astrology, our Mercury sign takes the wheel for your communication and learning style. Mercury in each sign offers a unique perspective on the kind of learner you are and your communication style.

When we look to Mercury we ask - How do I express what’s on my mind? What way do I prefer to learn and what tools help me along the way?

Your Mercury sign is part of your full birth chart so you will need to do a little research to figure it out using your birth date to determine what sign it's in. To explore your birth chart more, consider booking a Cosmic Fingerprint birth chart reading with Lusid Astrology - explore more here.  

Aries: No BS approach, little small talk just straight to the point; What you hear is what you get.

Taurus: Practical and grounded approach to communication although, likely to put a wall up if they don’t like what they hear.

Gemini: Curious about any and all topics, particularly other people. First to break the ice and crack a joke.

Cancer: Takes a bit of time to come out of their shell. Offers words and wisdom filled with love.

Leo: Loud, proud and almost always heard before seen. Brings the party into any room they step into and loves the attention that comes with it.

Virgo: More reserved and analytical. Hopes to have the answers in order to solve someone’s problem.

Libra: A true social butterfly, with a graceful and kind approach. Knows how to work and charm anyone in the room.

Scorpio: Initially a closed book and prefers to listen before asking all the personal questions

Sagittarius: A true open book. Optimistic, friendly and curious - ready to become your best friend.

Capricorn: Grounded and on the more serious side. Easily assumes the role of a leader, with their authoritative nature.

Aquarius: Friendly and welcoming with a side of surprise. We never know what’s about to be shared but it will be interesting no matter what.

Pisces: All in their feels, these romantics want to share the love. When it all gets too much, off they go back into their safe space. 

Images in order of appearance: Alexander Krivitskiy, Mart Production, Mikhail Konetski

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