Getting your Happiness Chemicals?

Getting your Happiness Chemicals?

Are you getting your daily D.O.S.E?

We spend a lot of time discussing ways to be happier but we don’t often think about how we feel happiness. Did you know that the warmth you feel from a long hug is caused by an entirely different chemical sensation than the high you feel after exercise?

The answer is brain chemicals!

One of the key elements for this is that our positive connections and experiences of awe and wonder actually create a chemical reaction in our brain. This is via chemical messengers in our brains, more commonly known as hormones.

There are four main hormones that are primarily responsible for creating those feel-good emotions and sensations. They moderate our feelings of well-being and are influenced by our stress levels, self-care, and lifestyle choices.

The main happiness chemicals in your body are:

D•opamine | Pleasure – Motivational role in brain’s reward system
O•xytocin | Bonding – Love and trust
S•erotonin | Mood stabiliser – wellbeing, happiness
E•ndorphins | Primarily helps one deal with stress and reduce feelings of pain

By understanding how these chemicals work on a basic level, we can prioritise adding more of these into our lives.


Sarita Walsh, an entrepreneur and a transformation coach breaks down the daily happiness D.O.S.E into these actionable recommendations:

Dopamine - Pleasure and reward

  • Listen to music
  • Try something new
  • Do something creative
  • Complete a task
  • Go outside
  • Sleep



Oxytocin - Love

  • Pet animals
  • Quality time with friends
  • Get (or give) a massage
  • Random act of kindness
  • Cuddle or hug
  • Have sex

Serotonin - Good Moods

  • Practise yoga
  • Bask in sunlight
  • Eat a colourful meal
  • Bask in nature
  • Meditate
  • Exercise

Endorphins - Pain Reliever and De-stressor

  • Take a hot bath
  • Eat dark chocolate
  • Get acupuncture
  • Watch a comedy
  • Dance
  • Laugh

These chemicals play a huge part in the way our body functions and performs, physically, mentally and emotionally. Looking at how you can add more of these into your day will show an immediate impact on your general health, wellbeing and happiness for the better.

Which ones are you going to add into your day today?


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Photography from top to bottom, left to right: Anna Shvets, Cottonbro Studio, Yaroslav Shuraev, Cliff Booth, Darina Belonogova.

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