Meet Your Resident Astrologer, Alex Saba from Lusid

Meet Your Resident Astrologer, Alex Saba from Lusid

Self Bloom Co is incredibly honoured to welcome Alex Saba of Lusid as Self Bloom Co's Resident Astrologer. 

Alex is an honest, open and curious mind and is our guide into the world of Astrology. Her mission and hope is to share her favourite cosmic insights, helping you to feel seen and heard, to meet yourself - become your own best friend, champion your gifts and support your growth.

Lusid will be creating cosmic love notes each month for Self Bloom Co which will be shared across our Journal, emails and socials. 

Creative by nature, Astrologer Alex Saba expressed herself through illustration for the best part of a decade. Astrology was always in the under current of Alex’s work and personal development - as it became her most grabbed for tool into understanding herself in a way that was only felt but could never articulate or find reason to.

In 2019, Alex took the leap into formally studying Astrology, where she quickly realised just how dense and overwhelming Astrology can be.

By finding her own way through Astrology, Alex experienced first hand what she felt like was missing - simplified knowledge that is easy to remember and practical to use day-to-day. Conveyed in a way that acts as keyboard shortcuts to understanding who we are and why we are here.

Get to know Alex more in our Q&A...


Tell us a little about Lusid? When did you launch?

Lusid came to life back in late 2012 - formally known as ‘Lusid Art’. Everything has been bootleg and figuring it out as I went, learning along the way and asking for help as I went. Lots of lessons learnt. For the best part of a decade Lusid was Lusid Art and was focused on illustration. It wasn’t until I stepped into the world of Astrology that I felt the pull to evolve it into what we experience now, which is centered around Astrology and design.

I feel like Lusid has lived many lives already but now - Lusid is a space for personal evolution through the lens of Astrology, it’s a space for me to share my creative explorations and to experience joy.  


Tell us a little about you?

Aside from Astrology, I am also what feels like a seasoned illustrator. Pencil and paper will always have a very special place in my heart. It’s my active mediation, my super power and my happy place. I am generally a creative at heart. I love dissecting music, photography and ancient artefacts and film and production.

I am very honest (Aries Rising/Sagittarius Sun), direct and swear a lot. I also aim to be very kind, thoughtful and loving. As a full moon lunar eclipse baby, I am no stranger to rapid evolution and living many lives in one. I am all for learning through life and self development.

I am also Japan obsessed, a dog mum and go to bed watching The Office (US) every night.

What inspired you to create Lusid?

At the start - naivety! What kept me going was encouragement, unwavering belief in my creative gift, grit and possibilities.

 What bought it into its current form - knowing I have the ability to make people feel seen and heard is a pretty special gift and one I am ready to step further into.


How has the business journey been so far?

A fucking marathon. I have learnt so much in the ten years. I have become resourceful beyond measure. In recent years I have learnt that I had to go through the many, many motions to get to where I am and it’s all part of it. 

I’m now in the process of exploring what ambition and success looks like with the introduction of space and joy.


Tell us about your Cosmic Fingerprint artworks?

The Cosmic Fingerprint is my interpretation of a class natal/birth chart. It’s uniquely designed to contain all the accurate information but with the touch of thoughtful customisation that is unique to each individual. From top to bottom, corner to corner - each print contains special details that highlights what makes that person exceptional, explained through the wisdom of Astrology.

Literally every single piece is unique.


Why is it important to learn more about your astrology than just your star sign (sun sign)?

There is so much weight that’s put behind just one element. But Astrology is SO expansive, a lot of people are now just learning this. Beyond your Sun sign, its the rest of the planets, signs and houses of your chart. Each giving their own unique perspective into what makes you - you. 

A brief insight - Your Star/Sun Sign is the inner driver for your purpose in life, creative gifts and identity. There’s so much you can learn from your Sun sign alone - but there’s SO much more beyond that.


What do you believe the power of astrology holds?

Through learning more about yourself through Astrology, you can essentially re-meet yourself and articulate what you’ve felt your whole life but haven’t fully understood. Such as what makes you feel safe, what lights your fire, how you show aggression, how you communicate, your blockages, gifts and where you’re playing small. The list is truly endless.

My experience of Astrology has helped me bring awareness to how being bullied played apart in my story, why I love to learn but also can’t bare to read a book or sit still and why I am so devoted and verbally affectionate in all my relationships. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Any hopes, dreams or plans for the business in the future?

I’d just like to continue experiencing Astrology and creativity and see where it leads me. I’m at a stage where I am reprogramming my definition of success and ambition which leaves a lot of room for the unknown and of course - possibilities!

I’d love to work with more people through birth chart sessions to go deeper and show people just how powerful understanding Astrology can be. I’d like to continue finding my voice, and learning about Astrology and building my own space away from the noise where people take a moment to breathe, learn and integrate the knowledge (which is coming soon…!)


What does self care mean to you? Do you have any self care rituals? 

Self care for me means taking things slow. Just stopping. I love to take moments out pulling some tarot cards and journaling. I meditate every day which makes life much smoother and is one of my top self care rituals. It can even be taking myself out for the day for some sun, taking photos, walking through art galleries and finishing off with Gelato Messina (a must).

I love to bring self care and stillness into my professional space. I do this in a few ways. I use the Self Bloom Co With Grace candle before all of my readings paired with meditation. I also practice reflection at the end of each month to stay focused and aligned with my goals and do my best to filter or eliminate distracting thoughts. 


Is there something self care related you are keen to explore next?

Body Brushing! And the self-massaging with oil. I’ve heard lots of praise but am yet to give myself the tools and materials and test it out!


Keep your eyes peeled for cosmic love notes and pep talks in our newsletters and across our social channels each month.

You can connect with Alex and explore her work further at

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