image of Self Bloom Co founder Kymberly Louise wearing a yellow floral dress

Message from Our Founder

Welcome to our self-care space.

By being here, you are planting your own seed of self-care. And we are so grateful to have you.

Self Bloom Co is the expression of my own passion for helping others along their self-care journey. An online space I built for all of you, who like me, know you want to invest more in self. But that struggle to find a place to shop and be educated on the products and tools to guide you on your way.

As a women who has spent a large part of my adult life heavily invested in my career, I have worked in my fair share of demanding roles. And often prioritised my work and professional ambition before my health and wellness. I have found success and joy in industries like PR, Marketing, Fashion & Events which often attract female professionals, and have seen that it is all too common for women to prioritise in the same way.

At the beginning of 2019, burnt out at both ends, I was aware that something needed to change. So I chose to dedicate the coming year to a focus word: wellness. First investing in movement by signing up to yoga and pilates classes. Becoming more in tune with my body, and unexpectedly, my mind. As I started to experience the benefits of taking care of myself, I experimented with different healing modalities, rituals and self-care practices. Feeling into what helped me ground, expand and create more connection to self.

Over the following years, and amidst the global pandemic, I began to rely more heavily on my self-care practices. And started to see self-care as a true journey of discovery. Not the destination that I once believed it to be. I took the pressure off myself to do self-care in the way others were, and found ways to fit it into my lifestyle. Whether that was a small moment of pause during a busy day to connect with my essence, or a longer ritual that I had carved out time for.

But what I found was missing from my journey was a place I could go to, to find and access the self-care tools and products that I was looking for, or that I didn’t know I might need. And the education to go with it. And with that frustration in mind, Self Bloom Co was born. A dedicated online space to devote itself to self-care. And the space where I devote myself to you, my growing community of self-bloomers.

I cannot wait to witness your transformation.

With love,

Kymberly x

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