What safety feels like....based on your Moon Sign

What safety feels like....based on your Moon Sign

Written by Alex Saba, Lusid Astrology

The Moon is our centre for feelings and emotions. Your Moon’s needs are essential to your Sun’s journey. It isn’t until your Moon sign feels safe, that she can support the Sun on his way. When the Moon has her needs met, this can look like emotional security, stability and safe expression of her feelings.

When you are in alignment with your Moon sign’s needs, there is likely to be an elevation in confidence and bravery which can support your Sun’s focus.

Our Moon sign takes the wheel for your emotions and feelings. The Moon in each sign offers a unique perspective on what safety and comfort looks like for you and how you and the people around you experience your emotions.

When we look to The Moon we ask - What makes me feel safe & supported? How do I tend to and nurture those I love most?

The Moon through the signs

Safety feels like…

Aries: Acting on my independence and owning my true power and bravery

Taurus: Routine, financial stability & my creature comforts

Gemini: Honest and open communication. Having a safe space to share hard things

Cancer: Home. Feeling needed by those I love deeply and being the ultimate home-maker

Leo: Feeling loved, adored and recognised for my efforts - being seen

Virgo: Everything in its place. A clean house and clear mind. 

Libra: Harmony in all aspects but especially in my relationships

Scorpio: Having all the answers. A safe and private place to turn inwards for deep healing

Sagittarius: Freedom and the connection to something greater. Home is wherever I choose to land

Capricorn: The long game and feeling useful and productive

Aquarius: Freedom, friends and living without limits

Pisces: Deep connection, stillness and solitude with my truest self


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Images by Darina Belonogova.

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