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Q&A: Molly Dunkle, Founder of Dunkle Authentic

 In our Q&A Series, Self Bloom Co aims to put a spotlight on the incredible founders we are so thrilled to partner with, that are truly doing incredible things and creating such magic in their businesses. We dive into what inspired them to start their businesses, their business journey so far, their favourite products, what self-care means to them and their own self-care rituals. 

Let's lower the shoulders, take a deep breath, and find a moment for us and immerse yourself in this read.

Meet Molly, the Founder of Dunkle Authentic, a Brisbane/ Meanjin based natural skincare business we absolutely love!

Molly has been making her own natural skincare since her very first at-home lip balm creation at age 12. Having a father as an environmental chemist inspired Molly to want to create things, and so from her very first lip balm to now having run Dunkle Authentic for 9 years, Molly has truly created an impressive brand that lives with purpose. 

Molly is an inspiring business woman who's business ethos of high quality products, made well with beautiful ingredients in an environmentally conscious way completely resonates with our ethos and after using the Dunkle Face Oil for over a year everyday, it's definitely a Self Bloom Co favourite! 

Tell us a little about Dunkle? 

Dunkle is a simple beauty essentials brand I launched in 2013. The range includes 10 makeup and skincare products, each handmade in Brisbane/Meanjin to celebrate simplicity, quality, sustainability, and inclusiveness. 

Tell us a little about you?

I am a minimalist at heart. Whether it’s a beautiful organic cotton t-shirt, freshly made pasta from the farmers market, or nourishing olive and rose face oil, to me simplicity conveys quality. My friends and family laugh at me for always ordering ‘vanilla’ gelato when there are 30 other delicious choices, I just love it. 

Photo of Molly Dunkle wearing a white shirt in her studio which has colour shade palette hung on the wall behind her

What inspired you to create Dunkle?

It all started when I was 12 years old and began making lip balm with my environmental chemist father. I loved learning about the different ingredients and soon developed a passion for natural raw materials. This passion continued into my early 20s when I started working as a makeup artist and craved products that were sophisticated, natural, and of professional quality.

How has the business journey been so far?

Running Dunkle for almost 9 years now has been incredibly rewarding. There have been pivotal times where I needed to make changes to further simplify the product offering and align to my business values, and while challenging, these times have been the most exciting. I am very proud of how my business has evolved over the years, I hope to inspire positive change in the beauty industry.

Tell us about the Dunkle Face Oil?

The face oil is simply scrumptious, I am biased of course. It starts with a nourishing base of Queensland olive oil paired with organic Bulgarian rose otto to create dewy, fresh skin with ease. Since launching over 6 years ago, the Dunkle face oil has become one of the best-sellers in the line-up.

Why is it important to use? The benefits?

Face oil is important to use as a protective barrier to lock moisture into the skin, especially after a bath or shower. The nutrients are very concentrated, in comparison to moisturiser that is diluted with water, meaning a little goes a long way. The Dunkle face oil is a delicate oil blend that keeps skin feeling nourished and moisturised instead of heavy, making it the perfect primer to use under the Dunkle foundations too.

What's special or unique about it?

Going back to the idea of simplicity, the Dunkle face oil is unique in that it focuses on two quality raw materials. The olive oil is sourced directly from the Queensland olive grove farmers who cold-press the oil on-site, keeping the quality incredibly fresh and delicate. The organic Bulgarian rose otto is sourced from the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria where the roses are hand-picked at dawn and pressed on the same day to ensure the calming oil is of the highest standard.

Why did you want to create this product?

Growing up I was always told to avoid using oils on my skin, it was more about the scrub, foaming cleansers, toners, and moisturisers. The ironic thing is, my skin really didn’t cope well with all of that. When I started to experiment with oils, my skin really started to calm down and I was able to use less and less. I wanted to share that experience with my clients, a product that is calming and nourishing, and incredibly simple.

Any hopes, dreams or plans for your business in the future?

I am really looking forward to moving into a bigger studio space soon and hosting more open studio days, still within the New Farm, Brisbane area where my current studio is now. I adore running natural makeup workshops, so a space where I can host more of those would be really fun. International pop ups in the USA have been on my mind for some years now and it’s exciting to picture those in the coming years now too.

What does self care mean to you?  Do you have any self care rituals?

Self care to me means taking care of myself both physically and mentally. Physically, I go on riverwalks most days, love yoga, and eat fresh veggies from the weekly farmers market. Skincare plays an important self care role throughout the day, from using nourishing face balm on my lips in the morning to enjoying a slow face massage in the evening with my face oil. Mentally, I create space to check in with myself often and practice meditation through the Headspace app. Prioritising my calendar has been an act of self care in recent years, letting go of obligations to ensure everything I say yes to is bringing joy to my life and family.

Is there something self care related you are keen to explore next?

Growing up in Colorado I used to go snowboarding and hiking in the mountains most weekends. There are so many beautiful places here in Queensland, I am keen to explore more nature trails here and in surrounding areas to enjoy the outdoors while getting some fresh air and exercise.

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