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Keeko Copper Tongue Cleaner

Keeko Copper Tongue Cleaner

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Rise from your slumber with the ancient practice of tongue scraping. An Ayurvedic ritual to remove toxins and bacteria and uplevel your overall health and wellbeing. Sometimes it's the most simple and subtle changes that are the most effective.

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The tongue is one of the most neglected organs in the body.
Brushing, flossing and mouth wash aren’t enough to *truly* clean your mouth — you need a tongue scraper to banish bacteria and build-up that’s responsible for bad breath and bad health.
Keeko’s take on the ancient Ayurvedic oral care remedy. A healthier mouth = a healthier you.
• Improve your sense of taste.
• Remove bacteria.
• Improve overall health.
• Reduce bad breath.
• Assists in improving digestion

How to Use

Ayurvedic practitioners recommend doing this immediately after waking up, ideally in the first 3 minutes, if possible, before the toxins that have surfaced during your night’s sleep start to reabsorb into your body.

Wash with warm soapy water before use
Hold by the looped handles
Place the horse shoe shaped edge at the back of your tongue
Apply light pressure, pulling it gently all the way forward to remove toxins and bacteria
Rinse & repeat as needed

Over time, copper can naturally tarnish. The quick fix for this is cleaning it with a simple solution of salt and lemon juice.


This product is made from 100% pure uncoated copper to preserve its antibacterial powers and will tarnish & discolour over time. This is completely normal and will not impact the effectiveness or safety of the product.

Plastic Neutral certified


Handcrafted in India.

About Keeko

Keeko is a female-founded business based in Sydney .

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Keeko Copper Tongue Cleaner

From an Ayurvedic perspective, tongue scraping should be performed on a daily basis and has been advised for over 5,000 years to remove toxins and bacteria that cause tooth decay, and bad breath.

Considering the tongue is one of the body’s several detoxification paths, keeping it clean is just as important as brushing one’s teeth.

This ancient practice helps to stimulate the internal organs through energetic connections with the rest of the body, improve digestion by increasing your sense of taste, and cleanse the body by removing Ama and bacteria from your oral cavity.

When you wake up in the morning, take a look at your tongue in the mirror. It’s one of the main diagnostic tools used in Ayurveda because it can tell you what’s going on with digestion.

Use the copper tongue cleaner as part of your morning ritual, to scrape off the toxins that normally accumulate after a night of sleep.

Giving back

$1 from every order is donated to Happy Boxes Project. A beautiful organisation that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and young girls through providing self-care packages and alleviating the barriers of accessing basic needs in remote communities. Visit Happy Boxes to find out more.