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RE-CONNECT - Conversation Cards for Deeper Connections

RE-CONNECT - Conversation Cards for Deeper Connections

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A powerful tool for deeper conversations, stronger connections and expanded relationships. 

50 powerful questions.
Great for meaningful gifts.


Why Choose RE-CONNECT?

Build Healthy Relationships: Rediscover the joy of meaningful human connection that promotes happy and healthy relationships.

Engage in Genuine Conversations: With carefully crafted questions across three levels of depth, RE-CONNECT encourages healthy communication and self-development.

Inclusive and Accessible: RE-CONNECT is an easy-to-use conversational tool suitable for friends, family, dates, mates, and even strangers. Lightweight, travel friendly, portable and perfect for any social gathering, one-to-one or small groups.

"RE-CONNECT all the time!

We love RE-CONNECT. It’s a permanent feature on our coffee table and makes for a great game for family or when friends are over. It has been amazing for my partner and I to reconnect with past experiences, emotions and nostalgic moments. It has been very beneficial for the social and emotional fabric of our house." - Brenton W

How to Use

Use these cards with your partner, friend or family.

Take one card at a time to reveal a question. Everyone to answer that question and see what conversation flows from there.

When you are ready for another question, take it in turns to pull another card.


52 Cards.
Dimensions: 100mm X 74mm X 30mm
Weight: 137g per deck
Made of cardboard.


What's Inside the Box?

52 Cards: Including Instruction Cards, Question Cards, and Love Notes for deeper connections.
Dimensions: 100mm X 74mm X 30mm
Weight: 137g per deck
Play with 1-6 players
Designed In Australia
Made In PRC
Language: English
Audience: All humans.


RE-CONNECT is a female founded brand based on the Gold
Coast, Australia.

RE-CONNECT are dedicated to building a world where every human being experiences the benefits of genuine human connection.

Their mission is to empower individuals to cultivate meaningful relationships through accessible tools and experiences that facilitate authentic social connections.

They are the world's first conversational card game with social impact at its core.

Their game combines elements of self-growth, discovery, curiosity, popular psychology and community building to restore human connection in a digital age. All humans are welcome.

It’s time to RE-CONNECT.

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RE-CONNECT - Conversation Cards for Deeper Connections

"Amazing way to reconnect!

RE-CONNECT has been such a great way to connect with new friends and deepen existing relationships. It has stimulated really interesting, vulnerable conversations and I’ve found the questions to be so thought provoking! I’d definitely recommend RE-CONNECT as a way to get to know people in your life at a deeper level!" - Meredith

"WOW! WOW… Everyone needs these cards!

Truly life changing convos have occurred in all of my most important, family and friendships, and I intend to buy a set of these cards for everyone I know!" - Belle V

Giving back

$1 from every order is donated to Happy Boxes Project. A beautiful organisation that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and young girls through providing self-care packages and alleviating the barriers of accessing basic needs in remote communities. Visit Happy Boxes to find out more.